Is this you?

  • You’ve spent SO much time on Instagram since starting your biz… But no matter how much time you continue to invest in the platform, you’re just not getting any traction In your business.
  • Your follower count has been stagnant for MONTHS and even when you get new followers, you don’t see growth thanks to the dreaded follow unfollow.
  • You don’t have an actual strategy when it comes to promoting your business on Instagram: you’re just “winging it” when it comes to posting content, hoping that eventually you’ll start getting more sales.
  • You feel totally defeated by the dreaded Instagram algorithm, and you question if you should even bother trying to “figure it out” anymore.

I know what it's like.

Trust me when I say I know what it’s like to invest SO much time into marketing your business on Instagram… But no matter what you seem to do, nobody is biting at your offers.

I remember when I used to spend 4+ hours a day on Instagram, *trying* to generate new leads into my business. I’d stare at my phone for hours, just waiting to get a notification that someone had filled out my 1:1 coaching application.

But months went on, and I continued to hit consistent $0 months in my business - even when I was working 10+ hours a day on it.


⇨ It wasn’t until I hired a coach, and implemented an actual SALES strategy into my Instagram where everything changed.

I went from $0 to my first $5K month within 2 weeks. Not too long after that, I hit my first $20K month - and it all came from Instagram.



Now I want you to imagine...

  • Selling on Instagram is EASY for you. You don't have to worry about when or where your next sale is going to come in, because you have an audience filled with warm leads that are just WAITING for your next offer to drop.
  • You know how to grow your account with up to 100 followers per day that are ACTUALLY interested in your offers
  • You attract DREAM clients that are 100%  ready to invest in your offer with no objections


The IG Sales Academy is a self-paced, step-by-step course that will give you the EXACT tools you need in order to sell out your offers with EASE on Instagram.


A Look Inside...

M1: Create a Client Attracting Feed

M2: The Content Creation Process

M3: How to Grow your IG (with targeted followers)

M4: Hashtags 101

M5: IG Stories 101

M6: Warming up Your Audience & Generating Consistent Leads

M7: Content that Sells

M8: How to Pitch & Sell Your Offer in The DMs

Let's take a deeper look inside the Moduels...

The IG Sales Academy is For You if...

  • You’re SO ready to start seeing your followers >and your income< grow by the thousands ASAP
  • You know it’s time to level up so you can start scaling to 5 figure+ months (without being glued to your phone 24/7)
  • You want to become a sales expert so you can start to implement an actual STRATEGY on Instagram for converting your followers into clients
  • You want to pitch your offers with ease and  close high-ticket sales in the DMs so you don’t have to get on sales call after sales call

Meet Chelsea

"Before I started working with Kerry I had literally no strategy and no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to provide coaching services but not how to turn it into a successful business. With Kerry’s guidance, I implemented her sales strategies specifically for Instagram and not only has my follow count increased but I was able to triple my corporate income in the first few months of leaving my job. ALL FROM INSTAGRAM. Kerry doesn’t teach you how to slide into the DMs, she teaches you how to care about your clients, ask the right types of questions to get them talking and how to sell in the DMs effortlessly all while living your life! Honestly, it can be that easy. It would have taken me years to learn all of this and grow my business to where it is today without Kerry’s Instagram knowledge! Truly an expert in the field.

-Chelsea Murn, @ladybeta.coaching

Here are Your Options:

Payment plan

3 Payments of $197

8 in-depth modules w/ 10+ hours of video trainings

High-converting DM Script & Sales Script

25 Adobe Lightroom Presets

Strategically-researched Hashtags for Every Niche


Pay in Full


8 in-depth modules w/ 10+ hours of video trainings

High-converting DM Script & Sales Script

25 Adobe Lightroom Presets

Strategically-researched Hashtags for Every Niche




(Best Deal)

8 in-depth modules w/ 10+ hours of video trainings

High-converting DM Script & Sales Script

25 Adobe Lightroom Presets

Strategically-researched Hashtags for Every Niche

+ One 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Session

+ 1 Week of 1:1 Voxer support

+ Custom Instagram Audit



The IG Sales Academy is heavily SALES focused. While the course also covers Instagram growth, photo editing & photography, hashtags, etc., it's ultimately going to teach you how to SELL your offers on Instagram.

Nope! this course is geared towards beginner to intermediate entrepreneurs! Just note that this is not a course on how to start your own business - but on how to sell your offerings on Instagram.

If you are currently a blogger looking to monetize through products or services, then YES, this course is perfect for you. 

Keep in mind this is NOT a course on how to grow your blog or become an Instagram Influencer.

The IG Sales Academy is a self paced online course. All video recordings have been prerecorded and there will NOT be live trainings.

If you are looking to join a group coaching program, look out for when I launch the next round of Social Ceos - my 90-day business accelerator. 

Due to the digital nature of this program, no refunds will be issued. 


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