Stand Out to Scale is a 90-day group coaching program that’s designed to help you rapidly grow and scale your online business by STANDING OUT in your niche, and implementing highly effective sales and marketing strategies to help you become in high demand and sell out your offers with ease.

Does this sound familiar?


  • You’re doing *all* the things all the biz gurus are saying you should be doing, but no matter how much time and energy you invest, you’ve hit a roadblock in your business.
  • You spend 8-12 hours per day hustling in your business, but the investment of time isn’t translating equally into sales.
  • You give excuse after excuse to mask the fact that the TRUE reason why you keep playing it small in your biz is FEAR of leveling up.
  • You struggle to grow an online audience of ideal clients that see you as an authority and a leader in your industry; Instead, you get the dreaded friend zone.
  • You’re totally “winging it”,  when it comes to your online marketing strategy. You know the importance of visibility, but you’re struggling to find what makes YOUR audience “tick”.
  • You have a constant inner battle between wanting to show up authentically, and wanting to sell - you are terrified of coming across as “sleazy”, so it stops you from selling as much as you know you should be.

It doesn't have to be like this anymore. That's why I created my signature 90-day business accelerator: Stand Out to Scale!


Now imagine...

  • You're a freaking LEADER in your industry and you have a warm & loyal AF audience that wants to to buy from YOU, and are ready and waiting to invest.
  • You’ve integrated a sales and marketing strategy into your business that consistently brings in new leads and takes them effortlessly through the buying process.
  • You have an entire launch strategy mapped out for you, so when it comes time to launch your next offer, you sell out with EASE!
  • You've discovered what makes YOU stand out from everyone else in your industry, and you become a go-to leader in your niche.

Hey there, I'm Kerry!

I'm a business and marketing coach, specializing in helping online coaches & service based entrepreneurs implement authentic sales and marketing strategies into their business so they can scale to 5 figure months with ease.


But don't just take MY word for it...


Stand Out to Scale is for you if...

  • You want to become a sales & marketing MASTER and implement a highly effective sales strategy so you can bring more cash flow into your business NOW - not eventually.
  • You want to build a business that works FOR you so you can spend LESS time working, while generating MORE income - it’s time to say GOODBYE to 12 hour workdays.
  • You're ready to have sold out launches that are EASY and FUN, and the sales role in while you SLEEP!
  • You’re so ready to take MAJOR action and do whatever it takes to scale your business to hit 5-figure months
  • You know it’s time to level up and have a high level coach’s eyeballs directly on your business so you can move forward with CONFIDENCE that you are doing *exactly* what needs to be done to scale to the next level.
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"Is my industry too saturated for my business to succeed?"

It's no secret that the entrepreneurial space has gotten saturated. Like, REALLY saturated...

There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of other people that are doing the same thing you're doing, and serving the same type of people you serve.

But wanna how you can be wildly in demand amidst a sea of noise?  


With more competition than ever, it can be easy to spiral into limiting beliefs and the fear that the industry is “too saturated” for your business to succeed.

In the wise words of Dwight K. Schrute: FASLE!


You can still rapidly grow and scale a profitable AF business with a saturated industry - if, and ONLY if, you own what makes YOU unique and provide what is lacking in your industry.

That’s exactly why I created the Stand Out to Scale Accelerator, where you’ll learn how to integrate effective sales and marketing strategies that deeply resonate with YOUR audience so you can attract dream clients and scale your business to 5 figure months with ease.

Here's what we'll cover in Stand Out to Scale Accelerator...

The 5-Figure Foundations

Mindset & Clarity

Your mindset can make or break your business. We'll start off with developing your CEO mindset for success, and then get crystal clear on your business, branding, ideal clients, and your messaging.

Growth & Visibility

You can't sell out your offerings if no one knows they exist. You'll learn how to grow your online audience with thousands of ideal clients and get way more eyeballs on your biz.

Creating an In-Demand Offer

You'll map out your next HIGHLY profitable offer that will have your audience drooling before cart even opens. Then we'll create your launch plan to bring in your biggest cash injection yet.

Content that Converts

Become a content creation machine! You'll learn how to create content "scroll stopping" content that speaks DIRECTLY to your ideal clients, so they'll hit the ground running to throw their credit cards at you.

Become a Sales Master

You'll master the art of sales -*gasp* -  WITHOUT being salesy. You'll learn how to implement an effortless sales strategy into your business so you can finally sell out your offers and start making the income you deserve.

Scale & Accelerate

It doesn't stop at sales. We will create a plan for the future of your biz, set income goals for the next year, and create a profitable product suit so you can make consistent income and predict where your money will be coming in from next.

Now is your time to make the income and the impact you know you deserve.


Throughout the program, we'll implement my signature framework - the SCALE Method into your business. This is the exact method that has allowed me to scale to consistent $10-$15K months in my business, and allow my clients to do the same.

The SCALE Method, broken down:

Sales & Marketing

A business needs sales to be a business 🤷🏼‍♀️ And how do we generate those sales so we can scale? MARKETING! We constantly implement sales and marketing strategies to generate consistent leads & revenue into our biz 🔥


As marketers, we should ALWAYS be in creation mode - between our content & paid offers, we need to be creating new things for OUR audience on the reg to provide what they want & NEED the most right now (whether it be paid or free content).

Audience Awareness

Building our brand awareness and creating authentic connections with our audience is crucial to having a profitable personal brand. Wanna know how to sell TF out with ease - with a small audience? It’s alllll about personal connections and increased awareness, baby!

Leadership & Authority

We are LEADERS in our industry.. But our audience needs to view us that way. Step into that authority, and say goodbye to that friend zone for once and for all.


Taking aligned action is THE most crucial role in scaling a successful business. We MUST implement our knowledge of strategies and tactics into our business so we can actually see the results we desire to achieve.


"Working with Kerry has changed my life and has changed the course of my life".

I never in a lifetime thought that consistent $15k months would be possible for me or that I could hit 6 figures within my first year of business.

All of this is possible from the clear direction that Kerry has given me. She is incredibly knowledgeable about social media  - to the point where you’ll get comfortable pitching high ticket offers in the DMs because you’ll know exactly what to say. Every question I’ve ever had or any time I have ever doubted myself, Kerry has been there for me. I was so worried at first that I was “too niche” but it turns out… if you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one!

Kerry helped me narrow down my audience, speak directly to them and create my dream business. I will be forever thankful that she helped me change my life for the better!

-Chelsea Murn, @ladybeta.coaching

"Kerry has transformed not only my business but my mindset."

"Within one day of working with her, I was able to land my first 1:1 coaching client. After two weeks into her coaching program, my own program was booked out with a waitlist and I had made my investment back.

Kerry has helped me solidify the plans for my business, create my product suite, turn followers into paying clients, become more confident with my online presence, and so much more. Aside from all of this, Kerry has turned into an amazing friend who has taught me the importance of having a clear mindset when running your own business. I have learned so much not only from Kerry’s program, but from Kerry herself and all the knowledge she continues to share with me. 

I 100% recommend any of Kerry’s programs. There is so much to learn from her!"

-Emily Goss, @theemilygoss


"Kerry has been instrumental in helping me market myself and my online course."

"As a travel blogger, I love to talk about all things travel and social media. But I wasn't as comfortable with the process of actually selling my product to my audience. Kerry helped me put together a free masterclass to market my course that led to me making $2300 in sales in just one hour! She really helped me gain clarity on my message and how to connect with my audience and get them to convert in a way that doesn't feel too "salesy". I highly recommend working with Kerry if you're looking for a coach who knows her stuff, tells it like it is and helps you lay out actionable steps to help you achieve your goals."

- Vicki Rutwind, @fashiontravelrepeat

"Kerry has literally changed not just my business but my whole approach to it!"

"When we started together I had a rough idea of who my ideal client was but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't gaining any traction with them. Working with Kerry I have now refined my niche fully and into a way more profitable and aligned niche for me and has changed the whole approach of my content!! 

As a result we created and fine tuned my first Group Coaching Program, working on modules and content together and planned a “not so scary” launch plan to take it live!

I feel way more comfortable and confident in my business as well as in myself! Kerry has taught me how to step into my CEO role and own it fully! Cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Caz Taylor, @cazcoaching

Here's what's included:

90 Days of weekly high touch group coaching calls and trainings with Kerry:
$5,000 Value
Group Voxer chat with unlimited support from Kerry:
$2,500 Value
Exclusive Facebook group for SOTSA members:
$500 Value
Lifetime access to all 12 in-depth modules:
$2,000 Value
Printable worksheets to keep you on track:
$200 Value

BONUS: One 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with Kerry 

$800 Value

BONUS: Access to my signature self-paced course, the IG Sales Academy! 

$4,500 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $15,000

... and the investment for SOTSA is less than 1/5 of the value of the program.

A look inside the program...


One last thing...

I want you to know that you no longer need to feel like you “have” to show up in your business the way you see your competitors showing up.

The beauty of having a personal brand is that it is a direct reflection of YOU! Doing what you “think” you need to be doing or becoming a cookie-cutter image of someone “more successful” in your industry is not what is going to lead to longevity in your business.

What WILL, is authentically showing up and owning what makes YOU unique, taking aligned action, and putting an authentic sales and marketing strategy behind it to propel your business forward so you can attract DREAM clients and scale with ease and alignment.

You have the opportunity to build your future NOW, right at your fingertips.

And Stand Out to Scale will give you the tools, support, and accountability to get you there.



Frequently Asked Questions

Stand Out to Scale Accelerator launches only twice a year - once in the spring and once in the Fall.

Stand Out to Scale is a low 4 figure investment. 

Yes! Monthly payment plans and extended payment plans are available.

There are no refunds available - As a coach, it is my job to hold you fully accountable to your business commitments and therefore, I do not offer refunds for this program.

We are keeping this group intimate, and therefore you will have my full and undivided support and attention. You will have access to a group Voxer (text messaging app) chat, and a Facebook group where you can ask all of your burning questions.

Need extra 1:1 support? Go for VIP - where you'll get unlimited 1:1 Voxer support from Kerry and biweekly hour-long 1:1 coaching calls


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